15 Cat Butt Products That Prove Cat Lovers Have No Limits

Cat lovers sure do love anything cat!

1. Cat Butt Salt and Pepper Shakers

Find these booty shakers here.

2. Cat Butt Stickers

They stick up their tails so why not stick ‘em on things?

3. Catt Butt Air Freshener

Luckily with a lovely hyacinth scent.

4. Sharp-end Cat Pencil Sharpener

This twisted tool can be found here.

5. Cat Butt Gum


6. Crocheted Cat Butt Keychain

Just in case you need one, it’s here and available in different colors…

7. Catnip Cat Butt Toy…Trying Saying That Ten Time Fast

It’ll be a cat-astrophe. Just toying around with you. You can get them here.

8. Cat Butt Magnets…Might Help Keep You Out Of The Fridge

That diet tactic can be found here.

9. Cat Butt Tea Towel Holder

Looks sanitary…

10. Cat Butt Ring

For those of you looking for Valentine’s Day jewelry for the cat lover in your life, it is here.

11. The Jewelry Doesn’t End There, Cat Butt Earrings

The cutie patooties are found here.

12. Cat Butt Necklace

In case you need blingy jewelry.

13. Cat Butt Stamp

14. Cat Butt Candy

Raspberry flavored. Anyone else wondering if they closely resembled their name now?

15. Cat Butt Soap

For when that cat-littered creature comes too close.

As if those weren’t enough, this Cat Food Scented Soap lures even more cats in for you…

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