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    11 Extreme But Elegant Edible Flower Foods

    Flowers in a spring roll?! How fitting! It's the first day of spring and it's time for some flower power.

    We've all seen flowers decorating a cake (yawn).

    Normally at a wedding, but some people do it at home for fun.

    Maybe even decorating your drink:

    Or the ice in your drink. But it's time to see them a bit differently...

    1. In sakura (cherry blossom) jelly:

    I want to stare at it more than eat it, but in case you do you can find out how to here.

    2. Pressed into pasta:

    What if they made these into ravioli?!

    3. Spring rolls take on a whole new meaning.

    4. Tulips make delightful ice cream bowls.

    Seems easy enough for you? You're right. It is. Take a peak at how to here.

    5. Edible flower feta balls:

    Nope. Not joking.

    6. In pansy crepes:

    7. On pizza!

    Admittedly perhaps not the manliest pizza without everything being glued to it with cheese.

    8. Sprinkled on a pretty risotto:

    Possibly the prettiest ever...

    9. Fried into dandelion fritters:

    Groceries are expensive. Use those pesky dandelions in your yard with this recipe.

    10. Rolled into sushi:

    Makes sense. Sushi is are pretty...why not combine them?

    11. And on cookies!

    Not just any cookie though...a flower girl. Awwww

    Happy first day of Spring!

    nom nom nom

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