10 Ramen Foods Even Crazier Than The Ramen Burger

Ramen creations: rad or ridiculous?

Move over, Ramen Burger.

Learn how to make this baffling burger at SeriousEats.

Because you just got beat out by…

1. Ramen Crust Pizza

Learn how to bake this peculiar pizza for Super Bowl Sunday at SeriousEats.

2. Ramen Egg Nest Cookies

Via cbc.ca

Create these cute cookie cups with this recipe.

3. Ramen Waffle

This sweet sensation was concocted by HappilyFull.

4. Ramen Breakfast Sandwich

Mashup fanatic and Original Ramen Burger creator, Keizo Shimamoto, thought up this egg, cheese and sausage Ramen hangover cure.

5. Ramen Chicken Wings

Hotsauce and Panko in San Francisco offered up these fried wonders.

6. Crunchy Ramen Snack Mix

Grab the recipe so you can grab a handful.

7. Ramepherd’s Pie

Don’t need mashed potatoes when you have Ramen in this version of Shepherd’s Pie.

8. Ramen Noodle Chocolate Bar

Not only is there a standard Ramen Noodle Chocolate Bar but also a “Savory Ramen” Chocolate Bar (onion, garlic and soy sauce flavors incorporated). Both by Komforte Chockolates.

9. Chocolate Ramen Balls

The TastingTable glamorized Ramen for the holidays with their “Deck The Ramen Ball”.

10. Fried Ramen Soup

Do it yourself with a little help from OhBiteIt.

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