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8 French Food That Will Gross You Out (I'm Not Talking About Snails !)

You already know about snails and frogs, French people are famous for these weird things that they call food ! In this article, you will discover France best-kept secrets. It's way too shameful to be told ! Vegetarians, please cover your eyes !

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1. The Artisons cheese Aka the Spider cheese

When you see the picture, it doesn't look very appetizing for sure, but when you know the truth about this cheese, it will certainly gross you out ! What looks like sand or dust is actually small living spiders who live on the surface. If you look carefully, you can even see them move ! Bon appetit !

3. Canard a la sauce Rouennaise Aka Duck in Blood sauce

This a very sophisticated and antique French recipe ! Don't try to do it at home ! Basically you need to crush in this machine the carcass of duck, until all the juice from the organs runs into the dish ! It's so spectacular they do it in front you ! Yummy !

4. Cou d'oie aux lentilles Aka Take a goose and strangle it !

French people are famous for eating Foie Gras, which is made out of goose's liver ! But that's not all we use in these unfortunate geese ! In this dish, we use the goose's neck and stuff it with everything you find in the dead body, ie heart, liver.

5. Les petits pâtés de Pézenas

This French recipe is very old and influenced by India. It's less gross than the other ones but awkward ! These mince pies are stuffed with mutton, kidney fat, lemon, sugar, cinnamon and egg !

9. BONUS ! La soupe au caillou Aka the stone soup

This is again a regional specialty and you won't be able to find it everywhere in France. It's a peasant soup where a stone is placed in the soup while cooking. Nothing gross here, just peculiar !

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