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An Ode To Annslie: The Real Love Story Of "Parks And Recreation"

Annslie forever.

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1. It all began in the first episode of the series.

It was the beginning of a love story.

2. Annslie quickly blossomed into a beautiful friendship.

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3. They are each other's go-to person.

4. They will do anything for each other.

5. They're so serious about their friendship that they can't even joke about it.

6. They love to hug each other.

7. They will do crazy things for one another, like pretend to go on a bad date to help the other feel better about the date they're on.

8. They lean on each other during tough times.

9. Their compliments for each other are over-the-top and hilarious.

10. They're never afraid to say those three little words to each other.

11. How can you not love the way this friendship has blossomed?

12. We will go down with this ship!

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