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36 Things You'll Never Forget About Going To McGill University

The things you'll never forget besides the winters.

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1. Getting really excited by a class description until you read it's at 8:35 AM in Stewart Biology or the Education Building.

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No to those hills. No.

2. And when the options for conferences are only in Stewart Biology and the Education Building.

3. When you had to go to, like, 10 classes during add/drop period and actually do some of the assignments since you weren't sure if you were going to get in and they were due right after add/drop.

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Side note: Why do professors make assignments due the day after add/drop?!

4. You lived for samosa sales. And you totally joined that Facebook group that told you where the samosa sales were going to be.

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3 for $2? YAASSS LUNCH.

5. The "U" system and hearing someone say, "I'm a first year but I'm actually U1."


6. Becoming broke each semester when you bought your textbooks.

7. And if you bought the textbook from the library (hopefully you only did this in first year and then you got smart) for $200 and you sold it back to the library and you got $0.75 cents back.

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8. You actually made a point to go to all your classes until winter hits which lasts for most of the school year.

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9. If your classes are recorded, you stopped going to class after the first day. It had nothing to do with the weather.

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10. Walking into your class in LEA 132 and you're like:

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11. As soon as winter hits, you bust out the standard Montreal winter uniform.

Canada Goose? Check. Sorels? Check.

Canada Goose? Check. Sorels? Check.

12. From what you can remember, Frosh was insane.

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You will never drink or go crazy as you did in Frosh.

13. You know people who did Frosh more than once and you're like:

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Wait, you willingly spent time with first years?!

14. Midterms and finals season at the library = playing musical chairs and being on the TV show Survivor.

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15. And when you've wasted your time trying to find a seat with no success so you're forced to go to Second Cup.

16. Waiting in the ridiculously long line for Tim Hortons in Redpath.

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RIP Tim Hortons in Redpath.

17. Finishing your midterm or final with 14 minutes left and not being able to leave the room.

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18. Praying for a good exam schedule and then McGill was like:

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19. The only time you went to the gym was to take your finals.

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20. Walking out of a midterm or final and you're like:

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21. Waiting for your marks to show up on your unofficial transcript.

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22. Getting drunk with cheap alcohol from the dep when you found out about your grades.

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23. And then making a night out of it by getting poutine.

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24. The nightmare of dealing with the people at Service Point still haunts you to this day.

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25. Wanting to be in Rex Brynen's class even if you weren't a Political Science student.

26. "These are the readings we will be discussing next class. Make sure you've read them so you're able to discuss them with the class."


27. "These are the readings we will be discussing during the next conference. Make sure you've read them so you'll be able to share your thoughts in small groups."

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28. Gearing up to participate in conference until the TA says, "Half of the mark will be based on attendance."

29. Frantically buying everything in your rez caf because you found out McGill wasn't going to refund you the unused meal plan money.

30. There's nothing like being able to say you survived the McTavish Floods of 2011 and 2013.


Never forget:

31. There was always something going on. Protests, strikes, election mishaps.

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And you're like, can I just go to school without any interruptions?

32. Walking into Bronfman and instantly feeling intimidated by the well dressed and intense Management students.

33. Oh, wait. Then you just quickly went into Sinfully Asian and it was all good.

34. You'll never forget how much fun you had.

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35. You'll never forget the amazing professors who left an impact on you and the interesting classes you took.

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36. But most of all, you'll never forget the great people you met and the best friends you made.

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