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26 Times Andy Dwyer From "Parks And Recreation" Was All Of Us

"I have no idea what I'm doing, but I know I'm doing it really well."

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1. "So what are your plans after university?"

2. When you're trying to avoid social interaction or responsibilities.

3. "So are you seeing anyone yet?"


4. When you've really screwed up and you try to muster up a sincere apology.

5. When you're finally in a relationship and all you want to do is flaunt it to the world.

Especially the last gif.

6. When you realize that you already act like an old person.

7. When you've practiced the perfect way to tell your crush you like them.

8. When someone is being a jerk to you.

9. When your mind is blown by some fact and you can't get over it.

10. When someone politely asks you how you are doing and you reply with "Oh, I'm fine." But on the inside, you're like:

11. When you join in on people's discussions regarding world affairs.

12. When you attempt to exercise.

13. When you are explaining your thought process behind making a major life decision.

14. When explaining how Netflix took over your life and you abandoned all hygiene methods.

15. When you're at a party and you try to make small talk with strangers.

16. Anytime you try to fake being classy.

17. When it's pay day.

18. When you feel overwhelmed at the grocery store.

19. When you're telling someone what you've learned in class.

20. When, after years of anticipation, you finally reach adulthood.

21. When you've dozed off during a meeting.

22. When you recover from a fall in front of a large group of people.

23. When you're invited to a social gathering.


24. When you try to be an adult and cook for yourself.

25. When you try to be normal in social settings but the real you keeps coming out.

26. When people around you are eating healthy, and you're like:

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