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13 Animals That Are Jan Brady

They've all raised their hands when asked if they felt victimized by Marcia Brady.

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1. This deer when the deer behind him said "Sure, dear."

2. "He said he would paint me like one of his French girls." "Sure, Jan."

3. "I met her at sküle. Her name is Georgina Frogette." "Sure, Jan."

4. "He said my quills were really nice." "Sure, Jan."

5. "I have more spots than you." "Sure, Jan."

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6. "I'm considered a close relative of humans." "Sure, Jan."

7. "George Glass from sküle said that he liked that I was a good swimmer." "Sure, Jan."

8. "George Tropicana said he loved my little nose and reassured me that I shouldn't let it get me down." "Sure, Jan."


9. "My boyfriend, George Tropicana, said that my smile was beautiful." "Sure, Jan."

10. "I am the cutest puppy..." "Sure, Jan."


11. "I could survive in the snow with no trouble." "Sure, Jan."

12. "I woke up like this." "Sure, Jan."

13. "I'm the most famous grumpy animal." "Sure, Jan."

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