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Cocktails And Drinking Games For The True Blood Season Premiere

Some True Blood cocktail recipes and drinking games to make sure you have a killer viewing party this Sunday.

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With Season 6 of True Blood premiering on Sunday, June 16th, there are preparations to be made. Considering how trippy and disturbing the previous seasons have been, you're going to want a drink or two. Or maybe more.

True Blood drinking game

Here are some fun quotes and visuals if you decide to play the shots game. Take a shot if:

-Bill says Sookeh.

-A vampire bares their fangs.

-We see Jason's bare chest.

-Arlene is working at Merlotte's alone.

-Bill and Eric have a power struggle.

-Someone accidentally makes eye contact with a vampire when answering the door, gets glamored, and lets them into their home.

-Lafayette says "hookah."

-Pam is sarcastic.

-Tara is pissed off.

-Someone has sex.

-A new character is introduced.

-And they're supernatural.

-Sookie does that weird electric fairy power thing.

-Sookie reads someone's mind.

-Sam turns into the dog or the dog turns back into Sam.

-Tara's mom turns up.

-And is mean to Tara.

-The song that plays whenever Sookie is missing her gran.

Or make your own cards using a BINGO generator

Use this link and go crazy with True Blood buzzwords.

I made my own True Blood BINGO cards using the generator here.

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