Cocktails And Drinking Games For The True Blood Season Premiere

Some True Blood cocktail recipes and drinking games to make sure you have a killer viewing party this Sunday.

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With Season 6 of True Blood premiering on Sunday, June 16th, there are preparations to be made. Considering how trippy and disturbing the previous seasons have been, you're going to want a drink or two. Or maybe more.

The Hurricane / Via

A classic Louisiana drink. Let's not forget that time in Season 1 that Bill tried to pass off a killing as a "natural disaster." Goodness knows what he's capable of now with all the power he's been getting.

Recipe here

True Blood drinking game

Here are some fun quotes and visuals if you decide to play the shots game. Take a shot if:

-Bill says Sookeh.

-A vampire bares their fangs.

-We see Jason's bare chest.

-Arlene is working at Merlotte's alone.

-Bill and Eric have a power struggle.

-Someone accidentally makes eye contact with a vampire when answering the door, gets glamored, and lets them into their home.

-Lafayette says "hookah."

-Pam is sarcastic.

-Tara is pissed off.

-Someone has sex.

-A new character is introduced.

-And they're supernatural.

-Sookie does that weird electric fairy power thing.

-Sookie reads someone's mind.

-Sam turns into the dog or the dog turns back into Sam.

-Tara's mom turns up.

-And is mean to Tara.

-The song that plays whenever Sookie is missing her gran.

Or make your own cards using a BINGO generator

Use">this link and go crazy with True Blood buzzwords.

I made my own True Blood BINGO cards using the generator here.

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