8 Foods To Prepare For Father’s Day

Because moms shouldn’t have all the fun.

1. 1. Necktie sandwiches

If your knife skills aren’t so great, try cutting up your ingredients with a pair of clean kitchen scissors.

Recipe here

2. 2. Pop’s Popsicles

Requires no cooking at all.

Source here

3. 3. Shirt and tie quesadillas

For the dad who is always dressed to impress.

Recipe here

4. 4. Golf cupcakes

It’s a great way to say, “I don’t understand the fun of this sport at all,” but I made you cupcakes to show that I care. Just not enough to actually go golfing with you.

Recipe here

5. 5. Father’s Day pizza

For the dad who deserves a badge (the fact that it’s edible is just icing on top of the cake) for putting up with your shenanigans your whole life.

Recipe here

6. 6. Pancakes with mini necktie bunting

For the health-conscious dad.

Recipe here

7. 7. Chocolate whisky and beer cupcakes

You can never go wrong with edible decorations.

Recipe here

8. 8. Gumdrop cookies

For the dad who literally deserves a cookie for raising you.

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9. Happy Father’s Day!

And thanks for all the bedtime stories, rides to and from school, and general awesomeness.

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