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10 Black British Women Who Are Killing It In Their Fields

There is so much Black Girl Magic flying around the UK we think it deserves a little more attention. Let's get into it, shall we?

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1. Lianne La Havas

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Lianne is just too awesome for words. Her voice is stunning and her songwriting is even better. If it's not already, her jam 'Unstoppable' will be your song for the summer.

2. Frederique Tietcheu

Frédérique Tietcheu / Via

Ok so *technically* Freddie is originally French but this blogger, stylist and confidence coach lives in the UK now so that works....right? Either way the combination of the hair and the too cool for school wardrobe makes us swoon.

3. Bim Adewunmi

Bim Adewunmi / Via

All you have to do is follow Bim's brilliant twitter feed to see how funny she is but be careful, you could end up spending all day on it especially if it's a Friday when she does #Bims10Things. She also happens to be the culture editor for Buzzfeed UK.

4. Shirley B. Eniang

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You probably already know about Shirley's gorgeous YouTube videos. She does everything from fashion, beauty and DIY and makes it look easy. Make sure you catch the videos that Shirley does with her sister Kezia, they are definitely a double act!

6. Nimco Ali


Nimco is a social activist and one of the co-founders of Daughters of Eve who are fighting to end FGM and to advance the sexual, physical and reproductive rights for young women. She has used her own story to inspire so much change and probably won't be stopping anytime soon.

7. Siana Bangura

Lisa Jane Boyle / Via

Writer. Poet. Activist. Speaker. Editor of No Fly on the Wall. There really isn't anything that Siana doesn't do but most importantly she is one of the biggest advocates of the power of Black women. She also really knows how to pick out a jacket.

8. Cecile Emeke

Sarah Piantadosi / Via

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year you've probably already heard about Cecile and her honest and brilliant representation of young black people in her Strolling series. However, her portrayal of friendship between two young Black women in the Ackee and Saltfish series brings a smile to our faces every time.

9. Heidi Safia Mirza


Heidi is one of the UK's first black woman professors and an expert in equality studies in education and is internationally renowned for her research on ethnicity, gender, and human rights.

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