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Everyone Thinks This New Kristen Stewart And Jesse Eisenberg Film Is A Stoner Comedy

Hint: it's definitely, maybe not.

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As soon as they hit the WWW, people took to Twitter to express surprise and excitement that K-Stew and J-Berg would be getting back together in what looks like a stoner comedy.

For some reason I had no idea Kristen Stewart's AMERICAN ULTRA was a stoner movie, but I'll take it! Did the posters

Jesse Eisenberg even wears a wig in the film, an accessory that, according to director Nima Nourizadeh, gave him more to work with for the role.

High Lex Luthor. #BatmanvSuperman #AmericanUltra

(maybe he couldn't grow a decent stoner mullet?)

The posters quickly became synonymous with blazing up, something even the film's writer, Max Landis, didn't expect:

well the american ultra posters are...weird

The film, he tweeted, is less stoner comedy and more R-rated action flick.

.@Kl4ppstuhl no. it's an r rated action movie.

It might be tough to see through all the smoky haze, but the posters don't exactly scream "R-rated action movie".

To add even more confusion, Nourizadeh told MTV that the film would be "kind of like a sweet love story."

"I don't want to turn people off with that," he added, "but what's really unique about this movie is the fact that it's like this kind of crazy action-comedy, but really at the core there is this like romance and there's this love story where all he wants to do is to propose to her. Really if you look at it, the action that comes into play is basically the stuff that's softening it. It's like the hurdles that you have to like overcome."

So what exactly is this definitely-maybe-a-stoner-comedy film really about? Apparently, Mike (Eisenberg) is, in fact, a stoner who occasionally lights up with girlfriend Phoebe (Stewart). He shirks responsibility and is into that low-key living. All he wants is to put a ring on it.

It's all very innocent, until Mike drops down on one knee, only to reveal that he's a sleeper agent that the government is trying to kill off. The stoner pair is then forced to take a rain cheque on the wedding and it all gets very Bonnie & Clyde very quickly.

American Ultra is set to hit theatres August 21

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