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Delay The Fine, Bro.

Couldn't get brosurance? Well now you're gonna get brofined.

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I'm sure many of you have seen the atrocity that is "brosurance"...

Seriously, this is a real ad trying to sell you Obamacare. Check it out (along with seven other, slightly less painful, variations) here:

Well, I'd like to introduce you to a little something called "brofines"...

The truth behind Obamacare is, it comes with increases in premiums and deductibles, while limiting the doctors you can see - all while slapping you with a fine if you can't get insurance. The Administration continues to shove this law down Americans’ throats despite broken websites, busy phone lines and bizarre online chat operators.

The Rubio-Radel Defund Until Fully Functional Act of 2013 (that's a mouthful, let's just call it the #delaythefine bill) delays the individual mandate until has been fully operational for six months. This fair, commonsense legislation prevents Americans, and bros, like you from being punished for something you can’t even sign up for.

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