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    Ranking All Of Michael Scott's "That's What She Said" Jokes From Worst To Best

    This was hard. That’s what she said!

    Here, I have ranked all of the "that's what she said" jokes Michael has ever made.


    33. Jim: "So instead you screwed me?"

    a man in suit and tie is disappointed and says so instead you screwed me

    This comes in last place, because it was wrong place at the wrong time. Jim was trying to be serious and Michael tried to lighten things up. But it was not funny and it made Jim angry.

    32. Dwight: *eats grapes*

    a man with glasses eats grapes while a man in suit and tie says that's what she says

    Dwight then tells Michael he doesn't get it, and Michael says, "Grapes...seductive." This one is near the bottom, because once you have to explain a joke, it’s no longer funny. So, the fact that Dwight didn’t get it ruined the whole joke.

    31. Michael: "And up comes...the tool bar."

    a man in a suit and tie points at a computer in an office meeting room saying and up comes the tool bar that's what she said

    You can do better Michael. In this scene, Michael is trying to give a presentation in the office, in which he makes this joke. Again, wrong place, wrong time. He got no office reaction, and it was a total fail.

    30. Kevin: "Why did you get it so big?"

    a man in suit and tie asks "why did you get it so big" about a Christmas tree

    Too obvious is all I need to say. It wasn’t very creative and everyone saw it coming. It was good, but not that funny. This is why this one was not any higher up than it is.

    29. Holly: Don't make it harder than it has to be.

    a man and woman sit inside a moving truck and she says "don't make it harder than it has to be"

    This one, as well as the ones following this one, are all the same joke just in different forms. So for that reason they are all near the bottom, because they aren’t super original.

    28. Holly: "I'm not saying it won't be hard, but we can make it work."

    a woman and man stand in an office, face-to-face

    Like I said, not original.

    27. Gabe: "You're making this harder than it has to be."

    a man in a button down shirt stands in a kitchen with his hands out, saying "you're making this harder than it has to be"

    Not original Michael, c'mon. It’s not that hard! Wait a minute, that’s what she said!

    26. Angela: "You already did me."

    a woman in a tight ponytail and turtleneck in an office says you already did me

    Predictable, but funny. Angela’s reaction is what put this farther up the list than some of the others. Her face was priceless, and very annoyed, which made the joke even funnier.

    25. Jan: "I can't stay on top of you 24/7."


    With a look to the camera and a snicker, it is obvious that Michael was going to say it. He doesn’t, which is why it is lower on the list. But it was still a great look which is why it isn’t at the bottom.

    24. Oscar: "Your office is full of genitalia."

    a man sits at a desk covered with post it notes

    Michael goes on to say it in Spanish. Too obvious, but he gets a point for saying it in Spanish.

    23. Michael: "I need two men on this."


    His arguing with himself is very funny, but the joke isn’t that amazing. He gets points for the arguing though, so good job Michael.

    22. Holly: "It was easy to get in but impossible to rise up."

    a man in a suit and tie and woman in a blazer ride a ferris wheel

    Luckily Michael stopped himself before finishing all of it, since him and Holly were basically in a date, but because he stopped himself it’s lower on the list.

    21. Michael: "At least we put this matter to bed."

    a man in a trenchcoat, button down shirt and tie is in an office, smiling slightly

    Classic Michael here. Let’s be real, we are never tired of these jokes. This one wasn’t ~hilarious~ but how can you not laugh at his jokes?!

    20. Darryl: "You. Need. To. Get. Back. On. Top."

    a man in a button down shirt looks at another man saying you need to get back on top

    I wasn’t laughing hard for this one but it’s still a classic "that’s what she said" joke so it couldn’t be lower on the list than it is.

    19. Dwight: "Hold it in your mouth if you can't swallow."

    a man in a suit and tie holds an eclair toward the mouth of a woman in office clothing

    This one was funny because any scene with Dwight and Michael in it is funny. That’s why it isn’t super high up but not super low.

    18. Michael: "Hey...can you make that straighter?"

    two women are taping a sign onto a wall that says "welcome back Ryan" while a man in the background says "can you make that straighter?"

    This one didn’t have me cracking up, but it didn’t have me not laughing either. A good joke in the middle of the show. That’s why this one is near the middle.

    17. Jan: "Let's just blow this party off."

    two men in suits are driving a car, while over the car phone a woman says "let's just blow this party off"

    Let’s be real, any interaction between Michael and Jan is hilarious. This is why this one is near the middle because their dynamic is so funny. The joke was okay, but the conversation was funny.

    16. Jim: "It's gonna be tight."

     man is smiling

    All of Jim’s purposeful slight references make me laugh, which is why this is on the middle of the list.

    15. Michael: "Oscar, would you reach over and touch his thing?"

    three men lay on the ground in an office, meditating. a man who is standing says "oscar can you reach over and touch his thing" while one of the laying down men grabs another's tie

    They were all meditating on the floor and Michael says it and ruins the whole silence and calm mood. It was super funny and everyone in the office was really annoyed with him.

    14. Michael: "I would like you all to go to the website and watch my clip 11 times."

    a man in suit and tie in an office claps

    Of course, Michael wasn’t talking about you know what, but it sounded very much like he was talking about it, which obviously is the reason why he said the joke.

    13. Michael: "Give me a hard one."


    This one was funny because he was just talking about everyone in the office, which made the joke even funnier. All of his jokes during his “interviews” are hilarious which is why this one is ranked high.

    12. Michael:" This is going to feel so good, getting this thing off of my chest."

    a man wearing a suit, tie, and trenchcoat stands in an airport, taking off a microphone

    This one was hilarious because he was in the middle of the airport, and there were people everywhere, that could hear him. You were embarrassed for him and this joke was overall just really funny.

    11. Oscar: "You should put butter on it."

    man with tie and button down shirt is laughing

    Don’t get me wrong but Oscar was one of the best characters on the show. Everything he ever said or did was hilarious, which is why this one is high on the list (because Oscar is in the scene).

    10. Michael: "I can't Andy, it's too hard."


    This is one of Michael’s only that’s what she said joke with Andy in it, so it had to be in the top 10.

    9. Jim:" Put it away."

    man in suit and tie sits in office face relaxed

    I don’t know why this is so funny, but it is really funny to me. The subtleness of this jokes makes it hilarious, and I could not stop laughing after hearing it.

    8. Dwight: "Force it in as deep as you can."

    a man with saran wrap on his head and a straw in his mouth is being pushed into the ground

    This is in the top ten because of the fact that Michael's face was in the ground with Dwight pushing his head down. Michael had to slightly lift his head out of the concrete to say it which made it even funnier.

    7. Michael: "Do you want some?" Jim: "No thanks, I'm good."

    a man in a suit and tie asks a man if he wants some and another says no thanks i'm good

    And after that...

    Michael: "Pam?"

    Pam: "Oh, my mother's coming."

    This one is hilarious due to the fact that it is a double "that’s what she said" joke. If it were just one it wouldn’t have been funny, but the fact that he did it twice made this one go up to the top.

    6. Jan: "You're hardly my first!"


    This was probably one of the funniest episodes, "Dinner Party," and the dynamic between Jan and Michael was hilarious. This joke happening during them screaming at each other makes it really funny.

    5. Michael: "It squeaks when you bang it."

    a man in a suit and tie is holding a squeaky toy gavel and says "it squeaks when you bang it"

    This whole scene was hilarious, with Michael banging the fake gavel, Phyllis telling him it was the cheapest one she could find, and then him saying that. This deserves to be near the top.

    4. Mr. Schneider: "And you were directly under her the entire time?"

    a woman in a button down shirt and blazer sits next to a man in a suit and tie who says across the table, "you were directly under her the entire time?"

    This one HAD to be at the top. Michael is in a very important meeting, and Jan is relying on Michael. Jan knows what is going to happen after Mr. Schneider asks him, and the look on her face says it all.

    3. Jim: "I don't think I'll be here in 10 years."

    two men, one in a button down and tie, the other in a crewneck sweatshirt, sit in an office conference room, smiliing

    This one comes in third, due the wholesome moment between Jim and Michael after Michael says the joke. The joke doesn’t have you crying on the floor laughing, but the wholesome moment after makes you feel good.

    2. Jim: "Wow, that is really hard. You really think you can go all day long? Well, you always left me satisfied..." *smiling*

    a man in a button down shirt and tie says "you always left me satisfied"

    This one comes in at second, because it is classic Jim. After Jan says Michael has to stop making that’s what she said jokes, Jim knew what he was doing and the office knew what he was doing. This classic moment comes in at second place, due to the comedy of the moment.

    1. Dwight: "Michael, I can't believe you came."


    This one is obviously ranked at number one, due to the fact that it was the very last "that's what she said" joke, in a very surprising finale. Not only was it somewhat emotional, but it was also a very happy moment where Michael came back for the season finale, and it especially made the viewers happy. If this is not your No. 1 ranked, I don't what is.