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    30 Surprisingly Awesome Things You Can Get At Jet

    Pretty stacking rings, a watercolor horse journal, ukulele kit, and so much more

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

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    1. A pack of dog and cat note cards sure to brighten the mood of anyone who receives them.

    The set includes three copies of eight designs and envelopes for each card.

    Price: 24-pack for $11.41

    2. A delightful 24-peice makeup brush set for livening up your vanity table in the best way.

    Promising Review: "I absolutely love this brush set. I originally purchased this only because the set is pink. But once I opened my package, I fell in love! Not only do the brushes have a soft texture, but they come in so many different sizes! This brush set is great for achieving a high-end makeup look." —MrsPrissy

    Price: 32-piece set for $14.87

    3. A nonstick cookware set so you can really tear down in your kitchen.

    The nine-piece set includes a sauté pan, deep sauté pan with lid, two sauce pans with lids, and Dutch oven with a lid.

    Promising Review: "I purchased this set for my mother-in-law for her birthday. She is very happy with the set. It is nonstick, which makes it easier for her to cook. She said red is her favorite color. And I was so happy to find this set in red. It makes a wonderful gift, and the price is great, too!" —Cookie

    Price: nine-piece set for $22.28

    4. An adorable kitten wallet that's clearly the cat’s meow.

    Price: $14

    5. An LED light serving tray to instantly turn your drinks into glowing goodness.

    To light up the serving tray, you slide the switch underneath and then press the black button near the battery pack. The tray is powered by three AA batteries, which are included.

    Price: $26.88

    6. A beautiful watercolor horse journal perfect for documenting all of your magical thoughts, ideas, and goals.

    Price: $8.54

    7. A set of mini rug coasters, which sadly won’t take your drinks on a magic carpet ride.

    Price: four-pack for $26.99

    8. A jet bottle stopper will have your wine bottle flying to new heights until your next pour.

    Price: $11.89

    9. A lovely Breakfast At Tiffany’s lunch box so you'll have the prettiest meal in the cafeteria.

    Price: $12.99

    10. A set of nautical-themed stacking rings for an accessories look that’ll really rock the boat.

    Price: three for $29.99

    11. A strapless slipover to trick your family into thinking you bought a new couch.

    Price: $35.65

    12. A copy of The Bob's Burgers Burger Book full of recipes to bring Bob Belcher’s tasty dishes straight to your plate.

    Price: $13.18

    13. A holographic-looking fidget spinner, which is pure cosmic greatness.

    Price: $8.99

    14. A ukulele starter kit so your serenading skills can reach new levels.

    Price: $59.99

    15. An ombre glass vase that may make you want to redecorate your whole home.

    Promising Review: "This is actually a heavy vase that looks and feels like the more expensive vases you can buy in upscale stores. The top part looks like hematite, with a slightly hammered finish and mirror-like quality. The bottom part is basically translucent. The color transition is really nice, though. I have found this to be a very universal piece. You could blend this vase in with almost any decor to give it a formal, contemporary, or eclectic style." —Loves2Decorate

    Price: $6.06

    16. A Pokemon Go Plus so you can keep catching them ALL without even having to look at your phone.

    The Pokemon Go Plus can be paired with any smartphone that has the Pokemon Go app installed. Once connected with your phone, the Go Plus will vibrate any time a Pokemon is near. You can then simply press the button to capture the Pokemon, with no need to even pull out your phone.

    Promising Review: "This is a great item. I use it while running to collect supplies, and it's very good. Also, you never run out of dust with this thing. You will run out of red balls often, as the plus only throws red. So keep that in mind while grinding those pokes." —Jarizard

    Price: $34.89

    17. An old world map kaleidoscope to spin yourself into a endless frenzy of colors and shapes.

    Promising Review: "I am 72 years old and still have fond memories of looking through a kaleidoscope, watching all the different colors and shapes that went around and around. I bought this one because I wanted my grandchildren to see one and have the same memories that I had." —Foody

    Price: $6.94

    18. A sleek Fressko flask for quickly brewing tea and coffee or infusing water on the go.

    The flask includes a double-glass bottle and filter. To make your tea, coffee, or infused water, simply unscrew the filter, and place your tea leaves, tea bag, or coffee blend into the filter. You then just screw the filter back into place, add water to the bottle, and continue on your way.

    Price: $43.66

    19. A Minecraft Diamond Ore night light you can tap on and off to light your way during your next journey through the Minecraft world.

    Price: $15.42

    20. A precious ruffle-top bake set that’ll look as good as the treats you make in them.

    The stoneware set is dishwasher-, microwave-, and oven-safe.

    Promising Review: "These baking dishes have a colorful and smooth finish, and they are a good size. My unleavened bread came out very nice in them. I will be getting two more sets, one for me and my mom!" —MsAbilene

    Price: two-piece set for $12.97

    21. A handsome wooden LED light alarm clock you won't mind buzzing you awake in the morning.

    The clock can be plugged in with the included USB cord or powered by three AA batteries.

    Price: $9.99

    22. An epic coffee table set sure to bring some major elegance to your living room.

    The three-piece set includes a coffee table and two matching end tables.

    Promising Review: "I was very impressed with this purchase. It came packaged with care. The pieces were very easy to assemble. And the finished product put a smile on my face. This was another great buy!" —RossMorg

    Price: three-piece set for $17.97

    23. A metal molds set, which includes an instruction booklet to help you make your own bath bombs.

    Price: four-pack for $9.95

    24. A divine locking jewelry armoire you can hang from your wall for maximum accessories slayage.

    Promising Review: "I love this mirror. It arrived in a well-fortified package, so it was in good shape. It was easy to assemble and hang. It looks just like the picture, which is lovely. I am very pleased with my purchase!" —Elayne

    Price: $159.99

    25. A darling throw pillow to remind all your visitors you have no time for foolishness in your home.

    Promising Review: "This pillows provides a fun message and the colors are great. It looks great on our patio with the rest of our decor." —KMari

    Price: $4.88

    26. A Lego Architecture Louvre set for a little inspiration while planning your next getaway.

    Promising Review: "I enjoyed the small model of the Louvre and the detail in such a small structure. I am hoping to see a larger version of this in the future." —MrVain

    Price: $47.99

    27. A luxurious Slinky plated with 14-karat gold you’ll double dare your friends to touch.

    The Slinky comes in a pretty acrylic display case.

    Price: $99

    28. A vibrant set of Knock Knock sticky notes so you never run out of places to write stuff.

    The pack includes six pads with 40 sheets each.

    Price: six-pad pack for $10.23

    29. A life-changing Instant Pot multi-use cooker that combines seven kitchen appliances into one dope pot.

    The Instant Pot can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, and warmer.

    Promising Review: "I love my Instant Pot! There are many great recipes for it online. And it whip up a delicious meal in minutes!" —Dorothy M

    Price: $99

    30. And the Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook, which is packed with tasty recipes you can test out with your trusty Instant Pot.

    Promising Review: "I am very pleased to find this cookbook as I needed something to push me along into using my Instant Pot!" —Donna C

    Price: $9.36

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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