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30 Awesome Products Every Scrapbooking Addict Needs

Clear your craft drawer immediately!

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1. A scissors jump drive to quickly access scanned photos or layout ideas.

3. A magnetic holder to help keep track of your dies or even metal crafting tools like pens and quill tips.


4. A Tool n' One to complete numerous crafting tasks, including removing excess paper from cutouts and piercing holes in paper.

7. A gradient color ink pad to make your stamps really stand out.


9. A 70-piece set of vintage letter rubber stamps.

10. A Seagate external hard drive to back up your photos and other digital elements you use for scrapbooking.

11. An animal sticker tape pen.


12. A mat to protect surfaces from cutting and other crafting tasks.

The mat has one side that is made of soft foam — which can be used for brushing paper off of dies and stamping. And the other side has a safe-healing surface that will come in handy when using tools that may scratch or pierce other surfaces.

Get it from Amazon for $19.09.


28. A dual tip EK Tools black pen for making headers, lines and other designs on your scrapbook’s pages.

30. And a bracelet charm and pair of craft mug earrings that will let you show off your love for scrapbooking in style.

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