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26 Clever Ways To Hide Things In Your Home

Snoopers beware!

1. Keep sticky fingers far far away from your valuables while traveling with a hilariously gross dirty underwear wallet.

2. A possible intruder won’t have any reason to tangle with a brush brush safe.

3. A tricky fire extinguisher safe help you put out any simmering theft drama.

4. You’ll rest easy knowing your important items are right under your nose with this pillow safe.

5. Your nerves — and valuables — will stay fastened down with a nut and bolt stash.

6. Brush away fears of your valuables ending up in the wrong hands with a lint roller safe.

7. Burn anyone’s plans to swipe your things with these candles.

8. Cool down any brewing security threats with a coffee canister safe.

9. Make sure no one completely cleans out your jewelry collection with an AJAX can made to store your belongings.

10. A deodorant safe is the perfect way to keep from sweating over nosey people.

11. Leave snoops in the dark with this tap light.

12. Give a new definition to safe-keeping with a spacious lock box disguised as a dictionary.

13. You can toast to your most prized possessions' security while they keep chill in a beer can safe.

14. Don’t let any intruders screw you over with screwdriver that holds a major secret.

15. The fate of your belongings will be completely in your power when you put them in a surge protector safe.

16. Hearing your belongings are exactly where you left them will be music to your ears with this CD stack.

17. Intruders' plans will be anything but focused when you hide your items in this camera lens safe.

18. Freshen up your security measures with this spray bottle.

19. You'll have thieves searching from the window to the wall with a fake power outlet safe.

20. This coin case will change the game when it comes to storing your tiniest items.

21. Show people you have no time for their thieving ways with a wall clock safe.

22. Your whites won’t be whiter. But your items will probably be a little safer with this stash that looks just like a Clorox bottle.

23. Make your secret spot sweeter with an Arizona tea can safe.

24. Wash down your larceny worries with this water bottle case.

25. Make sure intruders' skills stay rusty with this WD-40 bottle.

26. And for the hiding pros, you can stealthy air on the side of caution with a sleek vent safe.

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