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29 Of The Prettiest Ways To Keep Your Home Organized

Make your house picture perfect.

1. Remodel your makeup area into a beauty vlogger’s dream by investing in an acrylic organizer set.

2. Or ditch your predictable acrylic holders all together for a fierce set of mirrored makeup storage pots.

3. Hang up a gleaming aluminum wall rack to make your cooking tools and pots easy to access.

4. Keep all your important documents and reminders in plain view with the help of a handy corkboard wall.

5. Pull your knives from that cluttered drawer and put them on display in an acrylic knife block.

6. Add a touch of elegance to your bathtub’s edge or shower shelves by replacing your plastic bottles with pretty amber or cobalt pump bottles.

7. Place your beloved jewelery pieces on a breathtaking bracelet and necklace stand to make your collection look like perfection.

8. Give your laundry room a mini makeover by adding a laundry sorter made of plastic bins and a metal shelf.

9. Cut down the cord clutter in your life with an electric end table that includes a built-in charger station.

10. Restore order to your pantry shelves with a set of chalkboard labels you can place on plastic bins, spice bottles, and glass jars.

11. Replace that ugly plastic mouthwash bottle with a glass cruet or mason jar that'll be a lovely addition to your counter.

12. And while you’re at it, wrangle up the rest of those items around your sink and place them on a fuss-free vanity tray.

13. Add a little rustic charm to your laundry room with a handsome ironing board hook.

14. Reach your seasonings with ease by using a lazy Susan spice rack — which can work on a tabletop or in a cabinet.

15. Stack rugged wooden crates to make shelves for storing away magazines, records, and other items.

16. Clear your countertop of your cup collection with a copper mug holder — that really looks stunning when holding a set of Moscow mule cups.

17. Keep your flatirons and other hair styling tools organized by sitting them in a gorgeous beauty chest or printed magazine file.

18. Snag a space-saving shoe cabinet or bench to help you avoid an annoying hunt for missing kicks.

19. You can really mix things up with a stylish magnetic makeup storage frame that will free up more space on your vanity or countertop.

20. Hide that gross toilet bowl brush in an unexpected way using a minimal marble brush holder.

21. Dress up your room with a wall-mounted jewelry holder, which will make your necklaces, earrings, and rings pieces of art.

22. Make sure your little ones can find just what color crayon they need with a vibrant crayon sorter they can carry all around your home.

23. Keep your iPhone and Apple Watch by your side at night with a sleek aluminum charging stand — which you can match with your phone’s color.

24. Invest in a floor mirror with shelving or hooks to gain additional space to store away items like scarves and shoes.

25. If want a chic storage option that's also extremely affordable, you can place your beauty goodies in a simple monogrammed mug.