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34 Impossibly Cute Friendship Necklaces Your BFF Will Totally Love

Because your BFF deserves only the best.

1. A pair of hand-stamped latitude and longitude bar pendants that you can personalize with the coordinates of any location.

2. A pair of Harry Potter friendship necklaces that'll put you and your bestie's mischief-making ways on full display.

3. A yin and yang necklace set, so there’ll be no question who your person is.

4. A darling pair of avocado friendship necklaces that you two can use to proclaim your love in the tastiest way.

5. A "To Infinity and Beyond" necklace set that the Buzz Lightyear to your Woody will adore.

6. An adorable set of doughnut or ice cream necklaces, which are just too sweet to pass up.

7. A pair of music note pendant necklaces — for the bestie duo that’s always in perfect harmony.

8. A sleek Star Trek Quantum Mechanix necklace set that forms a Delta when joined together.

9. A pair of "Partners in Crime" necklaces with a personalized birthstone charm, so you can give some major love to your PIC.

10. An adorable Poké Ball charm necklace set that’ll let people know exactly who you chose.

11. An “I Hate You” and "I Hate You More” necklace set for those moments you love to hate your other half.

12. A simple pair of silver charm necklaces, so there'll be no worries about who truly has the key to your heart.

13. A Kim and Kanye choker or necklace set — because we know your love for your BFF is totally on Kimye levels.

14. A delicate pair of crossed antler necklaces that any nature-loving duo will immediately fall in love with.

15. An adorable noodle and cheese necklace set, so you can make it clear you have great taste in friends.

16. A pretty pair of puzzle heart necklaces that'll let you carry a piece of your best friend at all times.

17. A silver Zootopia-inspired necklace set, so you can finally solidify your roles in your friendship.

18. A pair of gold band necklaces that’ll confirm your bestie put a ring on it.

19. A deliciously cute Oreo cookie necklace set you'll never want to pack away.

20. A sparkling pair of handmade gemstone necklaces that’ll make sure you and your bestie's stars are forever aligned.

21. A Lego heart necklace set with a silver-plated chain, so your other half always knows who's your true fit.

22. A pair of double initial necklaces that'll show how real you and your bestie's love is.

23. A pizza necklace set to prove that the perfect slice brings all the besties to the yard.

24. A pretty pair of hamsa hand necklaces so you can humblebrag about how lucky you are to have found your BFF.

25. A creepy-cute handmade moon necklace set — because no one lights up your life like your closest friend.

26. A pair of state cutout necklaces that’ll keep you and your friends connected, even when your crew is thousands of miles apart.

27. A DNA molecule necklace set to explain just how deep your connection to your bestie is.

28. A dainty pair of heart initial necklaces that'll represent your friendship in the most fashionable way.

29. A precious chocolate on toast necklace set made from clay, because there is nothing sweeter than the love of your best friend.

30. A gorgeous pair of Morse code necklaces that spell out “Best Friend” — which is a message you’ll have no problem sharing with the world.