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25 Beautiful Wood Products You'll Want To Buy Immediately

More beautiful than you wood ever imagine.

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1. A gorgeous wireless speaker that may force you to redecorate your entire room.

2. An insulated water bottle that does not come with a wood-like aftertaste.


3. A stylish pair of cherry wood sunglasses that'll truly make you a trendsetter.

5. A bamboo wood watch that’s the definition of rugged elegance.

6. A block letter light that you can use to decorate your wall or a shelf.


8. Or an analog clock that doesn’t tick — ensuring you get a solid night’s rest.

9. A sleek oil diffuser that uses ultrasonic waves to fill your room with relaxing scents.

10. An intricate jewelry box that will be a lovely addition to your vanity.


12. A keyboard tray and laptop stand that will dress up your desk in the best way possible.

13. A standout pair of deco earrings with tortoiseshell detailing.

14. A sharp wooden vinyl player that turns vinyl recordings into MP3 files you can play on your phone or computer.


15. A darling all-natural hardwood teething ring that is treated with vegetable-seed wax to help soothe your baby’s gums.

The set also comes with a hand-knit organic-cotton rattle and hardwood stroller toy.

Get it from Nordstrom for $45.

18. A standing tea steeper that’s almost too lovely to use.


19. A walnut and aluminum iPhone dock that'll demand you upgrade your phone case, as well.

21. A bamboo wood lap desk that comes with a soft mouse pad and phone dock.


23. A crescent moon catch-all dish that is straight from your dreams.

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