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    17 Things That'll Do All The Work For You While You Sleep

    They work hard while you rest easy.

    1. A Jawbone UP Move tracker you strap on your wrist at night to tell the quality of your rest and the number of hours you sleep.

    2. A cool-mist humidifier that adds moisture to the air for a more sound sleep and hydrated skin. It also includes a night light feature!

    3. A rejuvenating rosehip oil night serum packed with restorative ingredients.

    4. And a moisturizing sleep mask that'll hydrate your skin for a refreshed morning glow.

    5. A bottle of almond oil you can lather all over your body after your weekly body scrub to offer your skin a serious moisture boost.

    6. A compact tower heater for a warm blast of air on those chilly nights.

    7. A touch-sensor bedside lamp with a color-changing light so you can have a dance party in your dreams.

    8. A Wave sleep sound machine to transport you to Dreamland with the sweet sounds of nature.

    9. A lip sleeping mask — which includes hyaluronic acid — to banish flaky skin on your lips while you rest.

    10. An argan oil hair mask filled with vitamins and nutrients, so your luscious locks will stay luxurious all night long.

    11. A gel moisturizing gloves and socks set for hands and feet softer than a cotton ball made of marshmallows.

    12. A digital timer to cut off your lamps or other devices without you having to do a damn thing.

    13. A bottle of eye gel for lifting and firming your eye area, making for a refreshed appearance in the morning.

    14. A slim sleep mask to block out the light while helping avoid puffy or tired-looking eyes.

    15. A set of headband headphones so you can listen to your favorite nighttime tunes without worrying about your earbuds falling out while you sleep.

    16. A jar of CeraVe night cream for restoring moisture to your skin so you can wake up looking even more flawless.

    17. And a quiet Eufy RoboVac that'll keep evil dust bunnies and dirt from piling up while you snore down.

    Night night.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.