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    22 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

    A pretty, wide-mouth mason jar, a berry keeper, a Morphe 35 eyeshadow palette, and 19 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

    1. A wide-mouth mason jar to store your eating and cooking utensils in the cutest way.

    2. A sporty AF color-blocked T-shirt, which'll make your OOTD just a little more amazing.

    3. A quilted cover for protecting your SUV cargo area while keeping your pet nice and comfy.

    4. A Progressive berry keeper to help your berries and other small fruit stay fresh longer. #NomNom

    5. A Henné Organics lip exfoliator scrub so you can put organic cane sugar, rose damascene oil, and organic jojoba oil to work on you lips, banishing dead skin and hydrating your pout.

    6. A cute two-piece bikini with a printed, high-waisted bottom and ruffled halter top you'll want to wear every day of your vacation.

    7. A copy of Coco so you can join Miguel on his heartwarming journey to discover new details about his family’s history and traditions.

    8. A 12-month planner to help you get s**t done while also offering you some inspiring quotes and affirmations along the way.

    9. A pretty Morphe 35 eyeshadow palette so you can create some amazing makeup looks filled with earth tones and glittering gunmetal shades.

    10. A copy of 12 Rules for Life, which delves into some of the biggest challenges society faces today, connecting them to 12 rules readers can attempt to implement into their daily lives.

    11. A bar of Shea Moisture African Black Soap so you can moisturize your skin and clear blemishes with the help of ingredients like aloe, oats, and tea tree oil.

    12. A Wildcraft game, to learn about herbs and edible and medicinal plants while taking on the group challenge of traveling up a mountain and back to grandma’s house before nightfall.

    13. A pack of reusable Ardell fake eyelashes for adding just a little more drama to your next look.

    14. Kind of Blue on vinyl, which'll let you revisit the moving sounds of Miles Davis's iconic 1959 project.

    15. A glittering pair of metallic sneakers with a darling ribbon laces to drop a dose of glam into your sneaker game.

    16. A car vacuum — which comes with a convenient carrying case — so you can banish all the dirt, dust, and crumbs from your seats and mats.

    17. A Never Have I Ever card game that’ll have you and your crew spilling all your most dramatic life secrets.

    18. A box of adorable handmade truffle bath bombs guaranteed to make your next soak so much sweeter.

    19. A Giant Uno game with oversized cards that'll make pulling a "Draw 4" an even bigger heartache.

    20. A set of magical slime toys in an intergalactic shade you can twist and squish while sending your stress to another world.

    21. A lovely V-neck dress with a crisscross-strap back and pleats, for a timeless, chic look you can rock to endless events.

    22. A gorgeous crystal ball that houses a 3D solar system your favorite space explorer will adore.

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