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    17 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

    Pretty beach cover-ups, packs of fidget toys, a The Wizard of Oz jigsaw puzzle, and 14 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

    1. A magical swimsuit cover-up so you can slay in the sand during your next beach getaway.

    2. A pack of mesh fidget toys to help relieve your stress and release any extra energy.

    3. A gorgeous The Wizard of Oz jigsaw puzzle that’ll have you ready to take your own journey down the yellow brick road.

    4. A chic pair of ballet flats you can easily dress up or down.

    5. A jar of anti-aging night cream to keep your skin hydrated and wrinkles far away.

    6. A dreamy infinity scarf for those days you're serving cosmic realness.

    7. A precious Dobby action figure you can sit on your work desk or nightstand to show love to the adorable elf.

    8. A copy of Thirteen Reason Why to introduce yourself to the chilling tale before binge-watching the new Netflix series.

    9. An outlet shelf for some added storage space in your bathroom without any major renovations.

    10. A subscription to Elle so you can stay up on the latest fashion, beauty, and culture trends.

    11. A pack of adjustable blind-spot mirrors for some added security the next time you hit the road.

    12. A crochet hook set so you can finally bring those amazing crafting designs to life.

    13. A comfortable ring adjuster that may save you from the hassle of getting your ring resized.

    14. A healing gemstones set to keep you in touch with your inner peace — even on the craziest days.

    15. A lovely beaded bracelet that just may become your new favorite accessory.

    16. A collapsible popcorn maker so you can make a bowl of the tasty treat without wasting a single kernel.

    17. A bottle warmer with an auto-shutoff feature to make sure your little one’s milk and food are the perfect temperature.

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