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    20 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

    A handy back shaver, safety trampoline, subscription to Chip and Jo's magazine, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often.

    Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

    1. A seat-back organizer so you'll no longer have an excuse for a messy car.

    Promising Review: "They are sturdy and can handle quite a bit of weight. After several days of throwing smaller items in this organizer, I'm sure it is what I needed. And, items don't fall off the front seat onto the floor. No need to search under the seat for a missing item. Better than expected and just the right size." --Melanie Gilliam

    Price: $19.99

    2. A year-long subscription to The Magnolia Journal because it wouldn't suck to have a part of your life look like this cover.

    Sprawling farmhouse with shiplap walls not included. (Sorry.)

    Promising Review: "Love these guys. I'd consider moving to Waco if I thought these two would do my fixer-upper. Chip is so good at remodeling and Jo's sense of design and decorating is everything I love, too." --Sharell M. Hjort

    Price: $20+ (auto renewal)

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    3. A party game you can (safely) play with a room full of people.

    Promising Review: "We love Cards Against Humanity but I was hoping to get find another card game that might be just as fun and possibly a little tamer. It's pretty funny to see people's shocked reactions when they are overwhelmingly nominated for most likely to ________. While others are very aware and just claim it! We had three generations playing at the same time and we laughed so much." --J. Vaughn

    Price: $16

    4. This set of 2200 puffy stickers so you'll never run out, at least for a long time.

    Promising Review: "Great price and great selection of stickers. Bought this for my 6-year-old daughter who is sticker obsessed. And she was occupied for an hour! " --Richard Gaddie Jr.

    Price: $14.99

    5. A bumpy ball for teaching your baby about tactile sensitivity.

    Promising Review: "Our great grandson loves this little ball. It's easy to hold, has bright colors, and is interesting for him to look at. Very durable, which is doubly important for little ones. Nothing to loosen or fall off in baby's mouth." --S. Dotson

    Price: $4.99

    6. A dematting comb to keep your pup looking fresh to death.

    Promising Review: "While my Dachshund is a short hair dog, he does from time to time find he way in sap and of course it is after he has been groomed. I tried the comb and it was able to work the sap out of his fur. And he loves the little massage he gets, he will just sit and want to be combed now! Would highly recommend to any dog (or cat) owner." --Lisa C.

    Price: $15.99

    7. A trampoline and safety enclosure, which'll help kids expend some energy in a way that requires a few less bandages.

    Promising Review: "I have a very active 2-year-old daughter. Being an only child, I have found it hard to find any toys or activities that can keep her attention for more than five minutes, that is until I found this heaven-sent trampoline. My daughter has lived in this trampoline for the last four months. She jumps and literally bounces off the walls. She sets up tea parties inside with her stuffed animals. She takes her books inside for her afternoon wind-down. It has become my daughter's second home. This trampoline is well constructed, durable, and surprisingly not an eye-sore sitting in my living room. After four months of heavy use it still looks brand new." --Adam Jimenez

    Price: $62.99+

    8. A ladylike midi skirt available in nine(!) colors with endless styling possibilities.,

    Move over, Betty Draper.

    Promising Review: "The fit was amazing! I'm 5'2" with a bigger stomach area. I ordered a medium and it fit really snug but that's what I wanted. A large would've been too big for my liking. (I normally wear a large.) The skirt is great quality and fit amazingly well!" --Amazon Customer

    Price: $19.99 / Sizes: XS-2XL / Colors: nine

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    9. Some tea tree oil-infused body wash that's chock full of other natural ingredients, too.

    Promising Review: "Wonderful product with great smell and feel. I have tried the lemon grass and spearmint and can't get enough of them. I like the idea that these are organic products with no artificial ingredients. First I thought they were overpriced but a little bit goes a long way." --Kenny

    Price: $17.95+

    10. A copy of the NYT bestseller that's in every suggested book roundup on the Internet rn so you can get ahead of the book club curve.

    Promising Review: "The problem with this book was that it had no stories, Rupi encapsulates you in an experience. I bought this to read to my significant other. I thought it may be just another pleasantry to share, but as I read it to her, I got so lost in the experience that I forgot that there was a person next to me. Feeling like it was an out-of-body type experience, I learned, and at the end of the day, I'll be a better father, son, brother, and lover because of it. So I thank the artist. Truly a pleasure." --Gursimran.

    Price: $8.99 (paperback), $7.99 (Kindle)

    11. This pretend cleaning tools set so tikes can safely "help" around the house.

    Promising Review: "My son loves his cleaning set. The quality is great. I have two issues, though. Because my son is 14 months, he likes to use the items as weapons and they hurt because their very sturdy. The second issue is that he doesn't quite understand how to remove the items from the rack because they hang from strings. Other than that, I love this item and hope you will too." --Carlos alcala

    Price: $24.17

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    12. This pretty sheer-neckline cocktail dress that'll step in when you need to look nice for stuff like graduations, weddings, etc.,

    Promising Review: "The material is extremely soft and flowy. The top of the dress is adequately stretchy so it fits perfectly on your body with an almost-invisible zipper at the back. The skirt part is really wide, which creates pleats and gives very nice flow to the dress. When you dance in this dress, the pleats sort of bounce with your moves, which was amazing. I wore it to an New Year's Eve party and loved how it looked on me." --Sana A.

    Prizes: $17.99+ / Sizes: S-2XL / Colors: 28 color combos

    13. An ultrasonic humidifier with soothing LED lights and an automatic shutoff.

    Promising Review: "The LED colors are beautiful and the mist is wonderful! it comes with a nice long cord for plugging in. Easy to fill and very easy to clean. Came with a couple of extra filters, which I didn't expect. This product does an amazing job and we will purchasing another one for another room in our home!" --Jenny elkins

    Price: $39.99

    14. A quilted hammock for the ultimate in backyard lounging.

    Promising Review: "I couldn't be happier with this hammock. I was pleasantly surprised at the thickness of the material. I figured it was just going to be a single layer of fabric, but it's actually a quilted style. Its so comfy!" --Jenn

    Price: $49.99+ / Colors: three color combos

    15. A bonsai starter kit to get your green on at a mini level.

    Promising Review: "So far this product is everything that I expected. It has all the parts listed on the product page and the shipping was quick. The instructions included in the kit are very detailed and easy to follow and I am beginning the planting process today!" --Nickolas Quinn

    Price: $19.95

    16. A handy back shaver so you won't have to pull a muscle while grooming for your upcoming beach trip.,

    Promising Review: "I am a cynical person when it comes to new products. I bought this expecting to be disappointed. Nothing could be further from the truth. It works quick, painlessly, and flawlessly. It took me to minutes to get my entire back. Two. Minutes. Buy it now." --Amazon Customer

    Price: $34.95

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    17. A 36-pack of colorful thank-you cards that'll keep you from being tardy when it comes to gift etiquette.

    Promising Review: "Kids hate sending thank you cards. Kids hate writing long thank you cards. Kids want to write as little as possible but still 'fill up' the card with text. People like getting cards from kids which appear to be fully covered in text. These cards made this whole process smoother and easier." --Mr. Amazonian

    Price: $14.99

    18. This 3-in-1 wine tool to get the most bang for your two-buck Chuck.

    Promising Review: "I love this gadget. I have always loved red wine but had lost interest in it. I got this and tried it on a $10 bottle of Rex Goliath pinot noir. I swear it made my cheap wine taste expensive. The wine was perfectly aerated and the flavors really opened up. I had a friend try it and she was amazed too and she wasn't even a red wine drinker." --Sarah Heatherly

    Price: $17.95

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    19. Some Burt's Bees belly butter for moms to be.

    Promising Review: "Love this belly butter. Used everyday since week 20 and no stretch marks! Did not use on hips and thighs and I do have some stretch marks there, so I would say this works. I actually still use it daily even though I already had my baby because it is so moisturizing. Also helped with the belly itching I had during my pregnancy. Would definitely recommend for all pregnant mamas." --Gbigs

    Price: $10.39

    20. And a home projector that'll make your outdoor movie nights 100000X better.,

    Promising Review: "Great product for the price. Don't expect results like a $1,000 projector. I also purchased an 80" screen to use with it. Seems like a good fit to keep brightness. When you're sitting back a few feet, you don't notice the pixels." --ratpackfan

    Price: $78.69

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