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Watch LeBron James Nuke Some Hapless Defender On The Way To A Monster Flush

No regard for human life.

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Last night, the Milwaukee Bucks squared off against the Miami Heat in a game of professional basketball. Early in the 1st quarter, with the home team, Miami, leading 31-19, LeBron James (#6) dribbled the ball across midcourt.

The first defender steps up to guard James at the 3-point line, but he's promptly sealed off with a clean pick. This leaves LeBron, using a right-to-left crossover, in the paint, at speed, slashing towards the hoop. All of which is to say, bad idea.

The defender on the perimeter sags off almost immediately — the NBA's not known for tenacious D — leaving Bucks center Ekpe Udoh (#5) safeguarding the rim all by his lonesome.

Udoh takes an light-hearted stab at the ball, but quickly realizes that he has less leverage than a tree vendor on the day after Christmas and wisely bails for the witness protection program.

This, friends, is what the devastation looked like from the baseline. One thinks it will be available at season's end in poster form.

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee / Via

For his part, James was stoked. Slam dunks, eff yeah.

After marveling at own his handiwork, James then scrambled back to the defensive end. Because professionalism. And respect for the game and stuff.

"That basket [is] still shaking."

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