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52 Marvel characters, rendered here with minimalistic typography that's both heroic and villainous. How many can you identify?

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New on the Internet today: "Marvelphabet", a pair of stylized alphabets yolked around figures from the Marvel Universe. Designer Mike Baboon writes:

I'd long considered doing a superhero-themed alphabet but I'd resisted for a variety of reasons, including the sheer immense scope of the superhero universe and the fact that there were other similar pieces out there.

Ultimately, however, superheroes and comics were such an important part of my childhood that I couldn't ignore them. So I added a bit of a challenge: I wanted to represent 26 heroes and 26 villains from a specific universe. I wanted to stick to their face and upper torso only (which meant, among other things, no wheelchair for "X" or extra arms for "o")

The hero alphabet definitely trends easier than the baddies. How many can you identify from each?

Prints, tees, mobile shells, and more available at Society 6 and RedBubble.

Cap tip: Laughing Squid

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