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    Handicapping The 5 Nominees For The Internet Cat Video Festival's 2nd Golden Kitty Award

    A tale tail of the (video) tape. Sorry Grumps, my money is on Roomba shark cat!

    This is the coveted Golden Kitty Award, given annually to the People's Choice at the Internet Cat Video Festival. It confers prestige both immense and immediate upon the recipient, here in the Internet and IRL.

    Last year's winner was "Henri 2, Paw de Deux".

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    The winner of the popular online vote will be revealed – live – at the end of the 2nd Internet Cat Video Festival at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Just like last year there is no shortage of cute, funny and heartwarming videos to pick from, and some will always be left out. But before you jump to any conclusions, keep in mind that some videos may have been intentionally left out of this particular CATegory because they are reserved for other categories or special honors such as the Cat Video Hall of Fame. All will be revealed on August 28th at #catvidfest. If you can't make it to the premiere festival for Internet Cat Videos in Minnesota hopefully you can make one of the several national and international tour dates scheduled for the coming year. The voting closes at midnight on July 31st. So jump to it.

    Embedded below are the nominees, pertinent factoids, and my predictions...

    1. "The Original Grumpy Cat"

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    Date published: September 25th, 2012
    Views as of July 16th at 2:15 AM: 11,746,414
    Run time: 0:56

    Why it will win: Name recognition, star power, gives zero F's.
    Why it won't win: No longer the plucky underdog. Has fame gone to Grumpy's head? (Also: Can a cat be an underdog? Hmmmm)

    Odds of winning: 25%

    2. "Catalogue"

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    Date published: January 19th, 2013
    Views as of July 16th 2:15 AM: 449,798
    Run time: 3:53

    Why it will win: Humor, script ("there's a cat in the fridge..."), production values.
    Why it won't win: The relatively long run time might lose some viewers. Smallest fan base of the finalists.

    Odds of winning: 10%

    3. "Кот и пылесос (Cat Licks Vacuum)"

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    Date published: April 17th, 2013
    Views as of July 16th at 2:15 AM: 6,554,200
    Run time: 0:38

    Why it will win: Novelty factor, the kitty is orange and he is so beautiful, Russian pedigree.
    Why it won't win: That guilty look on the cat's face.

    Odds of winning: 20%

    4. "Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba"

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    Date published: November 1, 2012
    Views as of July 16th at 2:15 AM: 2,721,643
    Run time: 2:47

    Why it will win: Cosplay, technology, gives zero ducks.
    Why it won't win: After a fast start, the action tapers off a bit.

    Odds of winning: 30%

    5. "Kitten Meets Hedgehog"

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    Date published: January 29, 2013
    Views as of July 16th at 2:15 AM: 9,639,327
    Run time: 1:53

    Why it will win: Interspecies friendship, the only nominee to feature a kitten, family-friendly soundtrack.
    Why it won't win: Because a cat dressed as a shark and riding a Roomba is better.

    Odds of winning: 15%

    Snaps from the 2012 Internet Cat Video Festival, which drew more than 10,000 cat enthusiasts to Walker Field, adjacent to the Minneapolis Art Museum.