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"Donkey Me" Refreshes "Donkey Kong" With '80s Movie Skins And The Results Are Just Absolutely Bananas

Shut up and take my quarters! That sound you just heard was an epic nostalgia bomb exploding over the Internet. (Every last award to Bruno Marcos.)

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Have you ever harbored a desire to play Donkey Kong as your favorite sci-fi movie character like Luke Skywalker, Ellen Ripley, or Jack Burton? That dream, I'm happy to report, is now tantalizingly close and within reach. To wit, Donkey Me, a series of unsanctioned — but very much welcome — expansion packs from "casual and independent" game designer Bruno R. Marcos. Promising cinematic "platform action", it swaps out the gorilla for iconic movie goons and Mario with some of the 70's and 80's most memorable on-screen heroes. Tapping into two deep wellsprings of pop culture nostalgia, it is a recipe for pure, unadulterated geek gold. Watch this clip for more details!

Embedded below: screen grabs that show off some of the levels that will be included with the game.

Star Wars: A New Hope (Death Star)

Star Wars: A New Hope (Tatooine)

Big Trouble In Little China

First Blood (Rambo)

Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of The Lost Arc



Conan The Barbarian

Total Recall

Title Screen

Lest you think this is nothing more than a cruel and elaborate hoax, Bruno teased this image — in cabinet form! — on his Twitter feed earlier in the week. The game will be released online "soon" and even better, it will be free!


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