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Diesel The Husky High Fives Like A Frigging Champ

This is my new favorite dog, swoon.

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This is Diesel.

He's been the mascot for the Northern Illinois football team since 2008. He runs with the cheer squad in the end zone every time the home team puts 6 on the scoreboard.

A local celebrity with appearances on ESPN to his credit, Diesel takes his on-field responsibilities seriously: before every game, he goes for a jog and gets his beautiful coat brushed. In short, this dog is no diva.

Fans love his distinctive markings and blue eyes, which only confirms what we already knew: he's rather dashing and handsome.

During home games, he greets tailgaters and is a big hit with the fans.

Last night, the university's 15th-ranked football team defeated Ball State 48-27, with the help of a late scoring strike in the 4th quarter.

That set the stage for Diesel to do what he does best: High Five!

Watch it again, only this time with magics.

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Don't change a thing, Diesel. Stay you.

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