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    28 Tiny Animals That I Want To Put In My Pocket

    Cute things come in small packages, and I have the pictures to prove it. Add yours in the comments below!

    1. Overwhelmed with the modern condition, this Philippine Tarsier holds on for dear life.

    2. #teamfigparrot

    3. Which came first, the bunny or the egg?

    4. Here's a tiny sea turtle...

    5. ...followed by a tiny regular turtle.

    6. The smallest octopi species on record, the Octopus Wolfi.

    7. This is your gratuitously cute sloth entry.

    8. Meanwhile, this little guy is otterly adorable.

    9. I'm just gonna leave this here.

    10. Peak Internet: YAWNING BABY PANDA CLOSE-UP

    11. Fact: Baby armadillos are adorbs.

    12. One lizard ring to rule them all...

    13. And not a single hoot was given.

    14. I can haz kitteh in pahket?

    15. "NO!"

    16. Here's a smiling squirrel monkey getting bottle-fed, NBD.

    17. Allergies: activated.

    18. Better not overlook this lemur.

    19. Or this duo.

    20. I don't even know what this is. (But I like it.)

    21. This, on the other hand, is a dendropsophus ebraccatus, or you know, hourglass tree frog.

    22. "You volunteered for this?"

    23. Go home, Hedgie, you're drunk.

    24. Go home, Hedgie, you're drunk. (Redux)

    25. Note to self: more sugar gliders.

    26. Froggle on the ogle.

    27. And we have our winners, thanks for playing everyone.

    28. Now about that pocket thing...