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    17 Mom Tattoos That Show How Much You Care

    Ink runs deeper than blood. Cue the gentle reminder that Mother's Day is this Sunday.

    1. Entwined with rope and roses (hey-o), Mom is celebrated here as an anchor and steadying influence.

    Via: Pinterest

    2. Mom as a ruffled potato chip? Mom as a ruffled potato chip!

    Source: Tattoo Now

    3. Nailed it!

    Via: Slate

    4. This is how you parent.

    Via: Slate

    5. On a related note, here's a cover of "The New Yorker" from 1993, as illustrated by Art Speigelman. It's been cited as a tipping point in the tattoo’s long and winding acceptance into the mainstream.

    6. Better living through chemistry?

    Via: Slate

    7. The script's font is "ambigram" and the effect is oddly hypnotizing.

    Via: Slodive

    8. Mom as the nurse, with the power to heal, protect, and safeguard.

    Via: Pinterest

    9. Dagger laced through heart, with a pencil-thin, Art Deco script.

    Source: Pinterest

    10. A second piece with Deco properties. Brillz!

    Via: Smosh

    11. Heart topped with flame, a common element in tattoo design, repurposed here for Mom.

    Via: Slodive

    12. Streaked with bands of red, yellow, and black, Mom takes the form here of a graceful robin.

    Via: Pinterest

    13. The symbolism here is lost on me. Anyone care to explain this below?

    14. Wear your heart on your sleeve.

    15. No gallery of tattoos would be complete without a skull-themed entry.

    Source: Tattoos Time

    16. It's the thought that counts.

    Source: Tattoos Time

    17. And I leave you with this guy...

    Got a Mom tattoo that you'd like to share? Add it in the comments below!

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