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  • Bioparc Valencia

    Visitors are able to get nerve-wrackingly close to the animals — only a small stream separates them. A stream so small that surely the hyenas intently taking in our scent on the other side could easily hop over it. “Jesus, Juergen”, I said, “I think they want to fucking eat us!” But Juergen couldn’t hear me … he had silently backed away from the stream, as the hyenas approached. Fear: an emotion one should feel in a zoo!

  • Day Trip to Gijón

    Everything I’d read about Gijón described it as “industrial” and “working-class”, so I was a little skeptical that it’d be boring. I needn’t have worried! Gijón is a beautiful city. We spent the whole day walking around the old town center, Cimavilla, checking out the monuments, plazas and incredible old buildings. Cimavilla is a peninsular hill, jutting out into the ocean. The weather was great and the streets were lively, with young people sitting on whatever piece of stone was available, drinking cider and having fun.

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