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The Daily Affirmation That An Uncle Taught His Nephew Will Fill Your Heart With Pride

"Who are we?" "Kings and queens!"

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A video that Angus Givens made is getting tons of shares online, hailed as an example of how young kids need to be raised. First, there's about 30 seconds of flexing and muscle talk.

Angus Givens / Via

He can do 50 pull-ups. I can't do three pull-ups, with or without assistance.

And then the good stuff starts when the boy and his uncle engage in a rapid fire call-and-response session on strength, respect, hard work, and self-love, messages that many feel aren't given to young black kids. Givens asks his nephew, "What are you?"


Watch the whole video below, memorize it, and say it to yourself in the mirror every morning.

Angus Givens / Via


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