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There's Finally A New Strong Bad Video And It Is Fantastic

Strong Bad and Coach Z are back with a new number one jam for all the Homestar Runner fans.

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It has been far too long since Homestar Runner and his rowdy bunch of friends have given us something to laugh at.

The web-based flash cartoon series amassed a cult following after the site first went live in 2000. Updates on the site slowed and eventually ended in 2010, excluding an April Fool's cartoon in 2014.

But today, the wait ends—Strong Bad and Coach Z team up to bring the fans "Fish Eye Lens," a definite club banger.

"It's been too long since they've had a number one jam!" says Coach Z. "They've been scraping dope rhymes up off the kitchen floor just to survive!"

It's a music video that celebrates the fish eyed lens as a revolutionary musical device that can make any talentless hack seem awesome.

"With a fish eye lense, you dont have to be able to rap or skate or do anything well. Just put the camera on the ground and angle it up."


Check out the video below!

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