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Jan 13, 2015

This Dog Rides The Bus To The Park And Makes Everyone's Day

She's a strong, independent dog who don't need no man.

When you're a dog, going to the park is really important. Take this guy, for instance. He can't go to the park and he's not handling it well at all.

But Eclipse, a black lab/bullmastiff mix, will never have that problem because she reportedly takes the bus to her local dog park in Seattle. By herself.

KOMO 4 News / Via

"Not going to the park? Ain't nobody got time for that." —Eclipse

"She's been urbanized," says Eclipse's owner, Jeff Young. "She gets on the bus without me, and I catch up with her at the dog park."

KOMO 4 News / Via

It was during their trips to the dog park that Eclipse came to ride the bus alone. Young says that he would stop to have a cigarette while waiting for the bus, and Eclipse would get on the bus alone if Young hadn’t finished his cigarette by the time the bus got there.

Commuters on Eclipse's route are very pleased with the company. "She sits here just like a person does," says rider Tiona Rainwater. "She's a person!"

KOMO 4 News / Via

"She makes everybody happy! Like, how can you not love this face?"

Wonder how she'd do on the subway?

Watch Eclipse's story here:


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