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Gray Sweatpants Are The Most Important Things A Man Can Wear

Gray sweats. Tank top. Fresh cut. Have mercy.

Men look great in lots of different things. Suits, for example.

Glasses and hoodies.


Tight workout stuff.

But there's just something about a pair of gray sweatpants.

Maybe it's because they make you look so warm and cozy.

Or the way they hang ever so comfortably at the waist.

Perhaps its the way shadows and light play gingerly about the fabric as it moves.

Dark gray sweats are very nice, too.

But light gray sweats.



You just don't know what they do to the people who lust for you.

when you see that dick print in them gray sweatpants

It's just so hard to play it cool.

Maintaining eye contact is a struggle.

When you see them gray sweatpants 😂😂

Poker face? What is a poker face?

Seriously, what is it?!

Gray sweatpants will have us forget every single bit of home training we've ever learned.

Actually, it's impossible that you *can't* know what gray sweatpants do to us.

Men know what they're doing when they wear gray sweatpants

Yeah, you definitely know.

So don't blame us if we get a little...protective.

When your mans dickprint game is too strong

We just can't help it.

So men of the world roaming the terrain in gray sweatpants: we salute you.

Even if you nearly kill us in those gray sweats.


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