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    Black People Doing Industrial Dancing Is The Best Trend On Vine Right Now

    Literally the best form of cultural appropriation that has ever existed.

    By now, you've surely seen those Vines of goths industrial dancing outdoors.

    They're often dubbed with songs that they likely wouldn't dance to in real life. "Hannah Montana" and "Shooters" by Migos and "Gucci 2 Times" by Gucci Mane are popular choices.

    The Vines come from longer videos of outdoor dance parties.

    And now black people are joining in the fun!

    Check out those crisp turns.

    Get a load of this smooth transition from the shmoney dance.

    You see a girl dancing in a shower cap, but I see a queen serving in her crown.

    That sliiiiiiiiide.

    OK this one kind of looks more like rap hands than industrial dancing, but her spirit is in it so it's OK.

    Sometimes you just gotta do it where the spirit hits you. Like the toiletry aisle at Walmart.

    This guy took the time to learn the original choreography.

    And he killed it.

    It's so exciting to see what songs folks are choosing.

    When the beat drops? A+ choice.

    This little ma'am didn't even need any music.

    She said, "I'm just gonna move to the rhythm of my enthusiasm."

    Some admittedly need some work.

    Be patient; we're learning.

    And some need more work than others.

    Are you even trying, guy in the red jacket?

    Perfect or not, Martin Luther King Jr. is smiling down on these Vines from heaven, his dream realized.

    "I have a dream that one day, little black boys and black girls can do some wild dancing in the streets alongside little goth boys and goth girls! I have a dream today!" —MLK

    Bless this trend.

    Go forth and appropriate, babies! It's finally our turn!

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