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    19 Vines That Perfectly Capture The Little Things Your Parents Do

    Vine be knowin'.

    1. When your mom's comebacks are too real

    2. When your mom dances and points at imaginary people

    3. When your parents tell you to put back your snack at the grocery store

    4. When your parents think you're doing drugs

    5. When your mom gets so mad at you all she can do is call you by your gender

    6. When you try to watch a movie with your mom

    7. When you're driving with your parents

    8. When your mom kills your vibe

    9. When you think you're bad enough to talk back to your parents but then you come to your senses

    10. When you wait to your parents' good mood to ask them for something

    11. When your parents tell you to go find something and it's not where they said it'd be

    12. When your parents are sleeping but won't let you change the channel

    13. When your mom thought she was done fussing at you but she was wrong

    14. When you take too long to do something your parents ask you to do

    15. When your parents try to be hip

    16. When your parents force you to dance and you don't want to but you have to

    17. When your parent's song comes on in the car

    18. When your parents are wrong but they bring up something from years ago to save face

    19. And when your parents are just too much