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33 Insanely Amazing Golden Girls Crafts For Sale On Etsy

Prayer Candles, zombies and paint-by-numbers. For being in their "golden" years, these ladies sure still get around.

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9. This AMAZING Scale Model of Their House

Which has hidden gems for the die-hard fans including:

- Sophia's bamboo purse in the living room

- Rose's painting of St. Olaf from Season 5 "All Bets Off"

- Open the kitchen cabinet to find Dorothy's bike helmet from Season 6 "There Goes the Bride"

- Blanche's Commemorative Citrus Festival Ball Plate (glued back together) from Season 5 "Ebb Tide"

- Look for the deck of cards Rose used with Gene in Season 2 "Isn't it Romantic?"

- Rose's "R" Cups from Season 5 "72 Hours"

- Rose's Teddy Bear Fernando from Season 3, "Old Friends"

- Baggie of Egg Yolks from Season 5 "Sick and Tired"

- and of course, a cheesecake from, well... almost every episode

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