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23 Things Only Jonas Brothers Fangirls Will Understand

There, there.

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4. When they wanted "girlfriends ... bad"

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7. You remember this happening at every show during "Goodnight & Goodbye".

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@ 2:10

9. Nick told everybody he was still in love with Miley Cyrus when he played "Wedding Bells" for the first time at Radio City Music Hall...

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See the full length video + Nick's speech here.

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1:10 To hear some pro-Niley fangirls call Nick a liar.

2:40 What you actually sound like at a JB concert.

10. This rendition of "Pushin' Me Away" is one of the cutest things you've ever seen.

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See them be adorable at 1:19.

13. And then years later when Joe sassed Taylor Swift on Fashion Police...

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16. Watching Kevin Jonas perform "First Time" made you incredibly uncomfortable.

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... and you can never erase the memory of all those hip thrusts from the live performance.

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