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What The "Friends" Reunion Would Look Like

Rumors of an NBC "Friends" reunion show have been all over lately. Unfortunately, they are not true. This is my opinion of what it would have looked like :)

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Ten years later Monica and Chadler are still married. Monica left her career as a cook to be a stay-at-home mom when the twins were born. She is a great mom but has turned to excessive plastic surgery to "maintain perfection" as she aged. She has adjusted to New York Suburban life.


Ten years later Chandler's advertising career took off so well that he was moved into hosting radio. He hosts his own radio show and is known by all of New York. He loves his wife and his three kids. (the twins born in season 10 and a biological surprise daughter later on)


Ross is a great university professor. He has published several papers and is now working on his nobel prize. He is dating and living with Rachel although they are unsure if they will ever get married with his track record. They enjoy life with Emma in NYC. Ben also moved in with them to go to college at NYU after Carol and Susan moved to the suburbs.


Pheobe and Mike are happily married :) They live in a nice apartment in a very artsy neighborhood. Pheobe still massages but also does her art. Mike works as a professional pianist. They also had some kids ;)

Joey, Michelle, and Phebo

Pheobe and Mike had triplets! They named them after people and near and dear to them. They just turned four and attend a musical pre-school for inner city kids because Pheobe didn't want her kids to be pretentious.

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