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10 Ways To Have More Camp In Your Summer

Summer sucks when you're an adult. You spend most of your time in a freezing office wrapped in a gigantic cardigan, and your weekend exploits just leave you hungover and sunburned. Save your summer before it's too late.

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3. Play cups in line at Starbucks

etsy / Via

Is your Starbucks order taking too long? Start playing cups with your fellow under-caffeinated commuters. Your barista will probably want to kill you, but they probably did already.

4. Always have a buddy. / Via

At camp, you needed a buddy for all water related activities, and while you've probably learned how to swim without water wings by now, a buddy is no less useful for an adult. Text each other to make sure you get home from the bar alright, and pack an extra cookie in your lunch for them.

5. Call your Mom.

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No matter how much fun you were having at camp, you only had complaints for your mom by the the time your weekly phone call rolled around. You can still call her and complain! How annoying are your coworkers? How dirty is your roommate? Are your friends having fun without you? Let her know! She might send a care package.

6. Make Some Tie Dye! / Via

Sure, you're a very sophisticated lady, but maybe you spilled some wine down your shirt. Or some pizza sauce. We're not judging. But don't throw that shirt away. Take it as an opportunity to have some diy tie-dye fun.

7. Have an (Embarrassing) Summer Fling.


The best part of camp was sneaking away for clandestine hookups with someone you wouldn't even speak to the rest of the year. Find someone who's only in the city for a summer internship and then never talk to them again after Labor Day.

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