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    • torib20

      I don’t know why people turned this into a pro-life or pro-choice argument. Abortions will never be illegal and in all honesty they shouldn’t be. It’s a terrible thing and it shouldn’t be used as the ‘easy’ way out. Adoption is a great avenue. However, for women who are raped and end up pregnant, your sayin you want it to be illegal for them to terminate that baby? Yes the child didn’t choose it but neither did the mother so it could be hypocritical to say she shouldn’t be able to abort it. What about pregnancies that pose a risk to the life of the mother? What about children that will have severe disability, what life is that for them to live? Abortion isn’t right, for the most part but for some people it is a viable option. That is my argument. Science of reproduction is a beautiful thing though!

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