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    So The Second Season Of Euphoria Is Breaking Me A Bit — Here Are Some Funny Tweets About The Show That Are Helping Me Through It

    At this point, just give me Fexi and let me rest!

    🚨Major spoilers for Euphoria ahead 🚨

    Okay so, season two episode six of Euphoria, aka the episode that's evoked too much emotion from me, was a wild ride. From Rue's heartbreaking journey with drug withdrawal to Nate Jacobs being the absolute menace of the century — here's some tweets that really resonate with how we all feel after that episode.


    @blairsmani girlie is giving veronica

    Twitter: @spideykatz


    not kat gaslighting the fuck out if ethan i felt like i was getting gaslighted too #Euphoria

    Twitter: @hurricwne_


    Cassie’s mom this whole episode #Euphoria

    Twitter: @meaganflair


    when Ali gave Gia the attention she deserves #Euphoria

    Twitter: @AddyBaddiee


    nate's mom being proud of of nate for choking maddy. like ma'am i miss the day where u had no screen time #Euphoria

    Twitter: @jemetictwts


    When Nate moved Cassie into his house #Euphoria

    Twitter: @tabitham2007


    I know nate's nasty ass just didn't traumatize maddy, flirt with jules and then get together with cassie #Euphoria #EuphoriaSeason2

    Twitter: @pr_squid


    so maddy is in bed traumatized and cassie gets her happy ending w nate??? #euphoria

    Twitter: @pulpfixtion_


    Twitter: @Antoniodaniell_


    how cassie looking rn after she got that phone call from nate #Cassie #Euphoria

    Twitter: @brianaaaortiz


    i think this asshole deserves another round after doing this to Maddy #Euphoria

    Twitter: @butorscsv


    me watching lex and fez: #Euphoria

    Twitter: @shitd0tc0m


    your honor i was PETRIFIED #Euphoria

    Twitter: @katykatbb


    Cassie comparing her trauma with Rue to justify her stupidity?!??!?? Cassie just needs to stop. #Euphoria

    Twitter: @onahcb


    lexi as soon as the lights in that theater turn on

    Twitter: @hunterschcfer


    If Faye doesn’t tell Fez & Ashtray about her bf, I want her lips deflated IMMEDIATELY #Euphoria

    Twitter: @wh0regalor3


    Me watching lexi and fez sing together & hold hands, istg he better not die😞😭 #euphoria

    Twitter: @imagineroxy


    Cassie and Nate at their high school reunion #Euphoria

    Twitter: @andreabair_6


    everyone when the entire episode ends without a single dick and balls... #Euphoria

    Twitter: @lebang_moloi

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    What do you think next week's episode will be like? Let us know in the comments!