People Are Sharing The Stories Of Their Funniest, Scariest, Most Disastrous Halloweens And I Just Have To Laugh

    I'm so happy it's not snowing on Halloween this year!

    Not too long ago, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the story about their most ~memorable~ Halloweens ever! Here are some of the tales that made me go "Jinkies!":

    1. "When my siblings and I were roughly four, six, and eight, we decided we were brave enough to go up to the spooky house in our neighbourhood — I'm talking fog machine, spooky music, and demonic statues. As we were getting candy from the homeowner, Darth Maul appeared from the backyard gate, lightsaber in hand, slowly sauntering towards us. It was chaos — I tried diving into the house, my sister took off down the driveway screaming and tripped, and I don't even know where my brother went! The homeowner, also Darth Maul's mother, made him take off the mask and apologize while giving us extra candy. We laugh about this every year."


    2. "Halloween 1991 was absolutely insane for me. It snowed damn near a foot, and of course, we still went to school because it was the '90s. I was so sad that I didn't get to show off my Laura Ingalls Wilder costume to everyone at our school's annual parade since it was too crappy to go outside. Later, when it was evening, my sister, cousin, and I made trick-or-treating rounds in my neighbourhood. We had to wear heavy coats and snow boots because the snow was so deep. Every house we hit gave us a buttload of candy since nobody else was crazy enough to go out in the snow. I will never forget that Halloween for sure."


    3. "We were at a Halloween party in West New York and my father showed up to get us early because, as it turned out, six inches of snow had fallen in the half hour we'd been there. While driving home, we came around a tight corner going downhill and saw cars in both ditches on either side of the road — so my dad just stopped in the middle of the road. There was a police car a couple of cars behind us, and we watched as the officer flipped on his lights and pulled around to check on the people in the ditch. When he got out of his car he slammed the door, and the car just quietly slid across the road and went into the ditch almost rolling on its side. I'll never forget the look on the cop's face as he watched it go."


    4. "I’m an opera singer and work abroad a lot. One year I was working in Austria over Halloween, which is my favourite holiday, and I was kinda bummed that I couldn’t spend it with my husband and do our fun celebrations. On Halloween, I got a text from my husband going ‘Boo!! Check your closet for a Halloween surprise!!’.I started freaking out wondering what was in there. When I opened the closet open, there was a fake pumpkin, candy, fake spiders, a fake skeleton and a whole bunch of Halloween decorations. My husband had put it in there secretly when he was visiting last time, but I was so scared I ended up stabbing the fake skeleton. Then I laughed and ate all the candy."


    5. "In high school, my friends and I were being silly and decided to cut gym in favour of going trick-or-treating in the neighbourhood where our school was. It was successful at first, but then when we knocked on one door, the guy who lived there yelled at us and I guess he realized we were from the school and said he was going to call them and report us. So we fled!"


    6. "I once went to a small haunted house that was built in a conference room at my job. I got scared and bumped the wall as I ran out of there. I noticed there seemed to be a delay for other coworkers to enter the haunted house, but I didn't think much of it. Days later, people I didn't know came up to me, laughing because I was the woman who knocked down the WHOLE haunted house and it took them hours to rebuild it."

    — BuzzFeed User

    7. "My last trick or treat ever I was 15 and dressed with my friend like little kids at a sleepover (pigtails, silly PJs). Our joke was we would get on our knees before ringing the doorbell so we looked short like little kids. But it blew up in our faces one time when a very elderly woman gave us our candy then almost had a heart attack when we said thank you and stood up to our full height. She screamed and clutched her chest and, yea, it was not good haha."

    — BuzzFeed User

    8. "When I was in middle school I was invited to a friend of mine’s Halloween party. Everyone was all dressed up but I didn’t get the memo that we were supposed to wear cute "adult" costumes — so, I was in a very large full piece penguin costume with a face hole for my face and flipper feet. During trick-or-treating, the group was stopped by a bunch of teenage boys in a truck trying to scare us and take our candy. It was super scary to us then so we all started to run. While running, I tripped over my flipper feet and went face first into the dirt with my candy while all the girls kept going. My arms were also flippers so it was harder to catch myself and hold my trick-or-treating bag. I got up and was like an actual penguin waddling to catch up with them while also being super restricted in my movement. Thankfully, the teenagers left us alone after they saw me eat the ground that badly."


    9. "This happened the Halloween when I was ten and my sister was seven years old, we’d already finished trick-or-treating and we were back home. The doorbell rings and our mom answers to find a trick-or-treater dressed as a gorilla. My mom gives them candy, and they try to grab the bowl and get more. Mom yells and tells them to go away, closing the door. A couple of minutes later, the same gorilla shows up at the side door, ringing and knocking. I was getting scared at that point because that wasn't normal, so mom goes to the side door to tell the gorilla to leave. Opens the door, and the gorilla pushes past mom into the house, up the steps into the kitchen where my sister and I were. Cue the shrieking!"

    "I ran into the living room and threw myself into a fetal position on the couch. My sister joined me, and only while I screamed, she was laughing hysterically and in some kind of shock. My mother threw herself over us yelling 'my babies!' over and over while the gorilla grunted, and tried to pull mom off and get to us. It was terrifying— and... it was my grandmother! She and my mom were playing a trick on us, that still makes my mother laugh to the point of tears, almost 40 years later! If you want memorable, there it is!"


    10. "Last Halloween my friends and I threw a party. We thought it'd be cool to rent a fog machine to give the house a spooky creepy haunted house feel. We set it up inside my friend's kitchen but didn't realize that it wasn't a gentle fog machine... NO.... this was one that was actually meant for like, a huge concert venue. I pressed "ON" and a BLAST of smoke loudly shot off. Like it was a BLAST. The fog was so dense the fire alarm went off at the party, and it turned the whole neighbourhood smoky to the point the fire department was called. Whoooops!"


    11. "What Christmas and Thanksgiving are to many, is what Halloween was for me growing up. October was the one month in the year when my family got along completely. My mom started making costumes on October 1st, and we would literally make a game plan of the neighbourhoods we would hit, how many pillowcases would be needed, and extra time to do our 'candy switch', where we would sit for hours and swap and negotiate candy. One year, we hit four neighbourhoods starting at 5 pm and my sister and I were able to get seven pillowcases full of candy between us. My mom and dad were so proud. We made trick-or-treating a competitive sport that year, haha. No fighting, no drama, just love, spooky stuff, and candy! I will always associate Halloween with the happiest times in my life, no matter what."


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