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Share The Story Of A Halloween You'll Remember Forever Because It Was Just So Wild

Trick-or-treating in 2011, I found a house giving out gift cards... best Halloween ever!

It's almost Halloween! If you don't already have your weather-inappropriate costume picked out, then it's crunch time. Whether you'll be playing tricks, getting treats, or plain old partying — I hope you have a great and spooky time!

But we wanna know, what's been your most memorable, disastrous, or scary Halloween so far?

Was your trick-or-treat candy collecting cancelled by a weather emergency?

Or maybe you tried your hand at some mischievous pranking and the thrill still lives with you.

Did you go to a haunted house and get spooked so bad you unironically yelled "Jinkies"?

Or maybe you met your soulmate at a costume party but haven't crossed paths again because... well they were wearing a mask and you don't know what they look like!

Whatever your most memorable Halloween story is, we wanna know! So tell us all about your Halloween experiences in the comments, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!