10 Reasons “The West Wing” Rocked Our World

All hail Aaron Sorkin

1. Sam Seaborn was a Brilliant Writer

He did, after all, write this speech. IN THE CAR.

Video available at: http://youtu.be/XQWxgnFc1fk.

2. President Bartlett was a Brilliant Orator

As if you needed any more proof…

rainbush / Via youtube.com

3. CJ Cregg Knew How to Make a Point

4. Toby Ziegler Enforced Integrity

Derek Ivery / Via youtu.be

Even if it meant confronting the President of the United States

5. Josh Lyman Embodied Loyalty

6. Inspiration Abounds

7. Leo McGarry Held Them All Together

Heck, he was ultimately the only one who could remind the President of what’s most important!

8. Charlie Required Respect

9. Ainsley Hayes Taught Us All About the Importance of Bipartisanship

10. Best of All: They Knew How to Have Fun

Fun with the utmost class

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