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    Top 10 Beautiful Fjords

    Fjords are some of nature's most awe inspiring features. Here are the ten most beautiful in the world!

    10. Lysefjord: Norway / Via

    The Fjord is most famous for the Preikestolen, or “Pulpit Rock”, which is a vertical face of rock almost 2000 feet tall with a flat narrow top on which tourists often stand.

    9. Seno de Ultima Esperanza / Last Hope Fjord: Chile / Via

    Near the magnificent Torres Del Paine National Park is the Last Hope Fjord. It is made all the more stunning by the permanent glaciers that have carved it.

    8. Tracy Arm: Alaska / Via

    Probably America’s most magnificent Sound is Tracy Arm Fjord in Alaska. The South Sawyer Glacier towers stunningly within the fjord, which makes for an amazing sight.

    7. Lemaire Channel: Antarctica / Via

    This channel is near Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth, and is therefore draped in permanent snow. The dark rock contrasting against this is breathtaking.

    6. Ilulissat Icefjord: Greenland / Via

    Not as tall or grand as many of the other fjords on the list, the sheer beauty of this stunner in Greenland is undeniable. The rocky bases capped by seemingly sculpted ice and snow makes it very distinctive.

    5. Nærøyfjord: Norway / Via

    Norway’s narrowest Fjord is probably its sheerest. It is the narrowest arm of the Sognefjord, Norways largest fjord, and is barely 500m wide in some parts!

    4. Drygalski: South Georgia (Antarctic) / Via

    This Antarctic stunner is in the territory of South Georgia. Permanently draped in snow and ice, it is a sight that few have been privileged to see. It is named for Erich von Drygalski, who lead the first German Antarctic expedition of 1901-1903.

    3. Geirangerfjord: Norway / Via

    Almost always regarded as Norway’s most beautiful Fjord, Geiranger is absolutely magnificent. It is a branch of the Sunnylvsfjorden, and just under 10 miles in length. It is especially famous for it’s beautiful waterfalls with The Suitor and the stunning Seven Sistsers falls most incredible of all.

    2. Sam Ford Fjord: Canada / Via

    Almost too grand to be called beautiful, this is probably the most impressive and shocking fjord in the world. It is located in Canada’s Baffin Island, and due to arctic weather is not often visited. It is a mecca for rock climbers, and boasts mind blowing cliffs and formations such as the Polar Sun Spire and the Great Cross Pillar.

    1. Milford Sound: New Zealand / Via

    This fjord is both incredibly impressive and shockingly beautiful. Piopiotahi, as Milford Sound is known in Maori, was named Top Travel destination in the world in the Traveler’s Choice Destination Awards 2008. Mitre Peak rises over a mile above the waters of the sound, which was named the eighth wonder of the world by Rudyard Kipling. This crowning glory of Fiordland National Park is almost more LOTR than Lord of the Rings itself!

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