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    3 Ways To Cure Chapped Lips—Without Lip Balm

    Your trusted lip balm could actually be doing more harm than good! Here's how you can treat chapped lips—without harmful ingredients.

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    We’re smack in the middle of winter, and chapped lip season is in full force, but don’t reach for that lip balm too fast, as your trusted balm could actually be doing more harm than good!

    Thankfully you can prevent—and even heal—chapped lips without balms that contain harmful ingredients. Kick back by the fire with a water bottle (sorry, but we’re hydrating here!) and continue reading to see how you can treat chapped lips—without lip balm.

    # 1 Exfoliate

    If you’ve ever been exposed to winter conditions, you know the horror that is sore, chapped lips. Before you can start to treat, you’ll want to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Yes, you read that right. Always remember to exfoliate your lips as well as the rest of your body! You can easily throw together a salt or sugar scrub to naturally buff away those flakes.

    # 2 Rehydrate

    Now that you’ve polished your lips, do you have five minutes, an episode of your favorite TV show on DVR and some leftover cucumber in the fridge? For chapped, cracking lips, I recommend applying cold cucumber slices for at least five minutes. Sounds silly? Think again! This simple effort will rehydrate your lips, leaving them feeling cool and fresh.

    # 3 Protect

    So you’re sipping that bottle of water (don’t think I forgot!), you’ve exfoliated, and then cooled with cucumber, but now what? Reach for some pure aloe vera gel. Just like with a nasty summer sunburn, aloe vera can help relieve the pain and heal chapped or burned lips.

    Have you found a non-lip balm approach to healing chapped lips?