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10 Signs You Are J From "The Misadventures Of The Awkward Black Girl"

"Maybe I'm awkward so that life's perfect moments stand out." NSFW.

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1. You're an awkward person of color. / Via Tumblr

2. Your personal hobbies are pretty quirky. / Via Tumblr / Via Tumblr

"So here I am, writing violent rap lyrics in my room."

3. You can't dance, even though society says you're supposed to be a great dancer. / Via Tumblr

4. You hate doing things in a group, even if its supposed to be fun. / Via Tumblr

5. You also hate people who say ignorant stuff and make you feel MORE awkward. / Via Tumblr / Via Tumblr / Via Tumblr / Via Tumblr

6. You always have witty or brutally honest comebacks in your head. / Via Tumblr / Via Tumblr

7. You dream of finding an awkward kindred spirit to share your hobbies with. / Via Tumblr / Via Tumblr

8. You might also dream of finding someone who loves you despite your awkwardness. / Via Tumblr

9. Sometimes, being awkward can get too much and you explode. / Via Tumblr

10. Yet no matter what, you OWN your awkwardness because nobody can be you like you. / Via Tumblr

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